Peter Laughner

That's Peter on the left, with Cinderella Backstreet...
Thanks to Rick Kalister for the great picture.

A true Cleveland original

If you're reading this, you probably have some idea of who Peter Laughner was.  If by chance you don't, then you've somehow managed to stumble across the legacy of a very interesting guy. Either way, you're probably a rock & roll fan; if you know Peter, you're probably a really BIG, and pretty selective, rock & roll fan, in fact, who has trolled the internet in search of information on him. We hope we'll provide it for you..

Why are we doing this? Why put up a tribute to someone who has been dead for thirty years, and who, with the exception of a couple of singles by a then-unknown Cleveland band named Pere Ubu, never released a record during his lifetime?

There are several reasons. First and foremost, Peter was a friend of some of the musicians who created Handsome Productions. He was a treasured influence, and a brave and interesting soul. Far more than the one-dimensional punk rock pioneer many  imagine in their heads,  he was a bona fide roots musician in the mold of a Woody Guthrie or a Bob Dylan, and he had the dynamic personality (and problems, too) of a major "star."  He had a strong impact on those around him, some of whom were carried to fame on what they absorbed from him. In fact, he catalyzed a scene in Cleveland that, one could safely say, is the virtual blueprint for the independent music scene, even today.

We hope you'll enjoy reading about Peter. We're not selling Peter's music anymore, but there is big news coming on that front from Smog Veil Records. If you're a Peter fan, be patient. Keep your eyes on Smog Veil Records - Click the picture below to visit their site.