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Owen Mason

Owen Mason in Los Angeles

Owen Mason is a talented young man and a recent graduate of Lakewood High School. Recently, after a nice run with his high school band, Shallowheads, Owen moved to California. Handsome has had the pleasure to record Owen's original music twice prior to his departure. The first occasion was early in the years of Shallowheads' run, and resulted in these five cuts:

The Nicest Man You'll Ever Meet
Set Her Free
Something 'Bout The Way
Over The Hills

The lineup of Shallowheads continued to evolve, and just prior to his departure for California, Owen and his most recent bandmates guitarist Mike Fitco and bassist Parker Polen entered the studio for a second time and recorded the tracks below. Quite an evolution.

Gift of the Goddess
Mexican Rodeo
Rolling In The Darkness
Staring At The Sun
Wild One

Owen recently returned from Los Angeles for a few weeks, and came back to Handsome to record tracks for a new EP that will be released shortly. He continues to grow as an artist and a person.  Keep your eye out for Owen... Not only is he an excellent songwriter, but he has a voice that can dance around a jazz riff and roar like a young Robert Plant. He's also a great rhythm guitarist. Someone in Los Angeles will surely take notice...

Owen Mason in the hills of Los Angeles

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