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Alex Hanhauser

Alex Hanhauser

Former Clevelander and current San Francisco denizen Alex Hanhauser is, simply, frighteningly good. Only in his mid-twenties, somehow in the world of shiny overproduced hip-hop and girl pop, this kid finds his inner Bob Dylan. Not gonna say a lot about this young man except to say that one hopes he will keep writing and recording some of the most interesting material Handsome Studios has ever had the pleasure to record...

Alex is a kinetic guitarist and has a voice... The aforementioned Dylan comes to mind, but more in spirit than actual similarity. But you can decide for yourself. A few years ago, home on vacation from college, he swung by the studio and recorded this little set. it speaks for itself... Not ever sequenced because Alex keeps moving and isn't particularly interested in that sort of thing, so we present them in simple alphabetical order. Enjoy. We here at Handsome certainly did, and we hope he passes this way again.

Any How
Don't  Come Around
Not Lookin' Today
Queen of My Dreams
Richland Avenue
Three Years Before
Twisted Soul
We're All In This Together
What You Bid

AND HE DID COME BACK! Early in the summer of 2021, Al was in town and came by with his friend (and VERY good guitarist) Nick Jammal, and they re-did a couple of the earlier songs along with some new ones, including one cover: "Call Me The Breeze" by the great JJ Cale.

A Thousand Beautiful Things
American Glory
Angel from Montgomery
Any How
Bless Me
Call Me The Breeze
Red Devil Tint
Richland Avenue

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