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Bridges in Indiana

Traug Keller shot bridges in Indiana first from his weekend travels while living in Cincinnati, and covered other parts of the state later when he was living in Cleveland.

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The "Lowell Bridge," Bartholemew County, Indiana, located four and a half miles northwest of Columbus over Driftwood River. Note the unusual false front, occasionally found in Southeast Pennsylvania but very rare elsewhere. Currently uncertain if it still exists. Photographed May 8, 1954.
Covered bridge in Parke County, Indiana. The "Cox Ford Bridge" over Sugar Creek, north of Route 41 at west edge of Turkey Run State Park. Photographed September 22, 1966.
Another picture of the bridge above.
The Otter Creek Bridge in Holton, Ripley County, Indiana. Built in 1884 by Thomas Hardman. Photographed November 30, 1952.
The Forsythe Bridge over Big Flat Rock Creek, 2 and a half miles northeast of Moscow in Rush County, Indiana. Believed to still exist. Photographed January 23, 1954. Built in 1888 by E.L. Kennedy.
The Dorie Bridge over the Salamonie Riverat Dora, Wabash County, Indiana.Built in 1874.The bridge is gone,movedaside for the Salamonie Lake Project. Was intended to be preserved, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Photographed April 28, 1963.
The Wright Bridge in Randolph County, Indiana,1 mile wet of Farmland on State Route 32, built in 1883 by A.M. Kennedy and Sons. Photographed January 8, 1953. The bridge is gone.
The Mitchell Bridge in Wayne County, Indiana. Built in 1918 by A.M. Kennedy and Sons. The bridge is now gone.
The interior of the bridge above.
The Bells Ford Bridge on Indiana 258 in Jackson County, Indiana over the East Fork/White River. Photographed April 24, 1954. The bridge no longer exists. It was bypassed in 1960 and later collapsed.
The Adams Mill Bridge over Wildcat Creek in Carroll County, Indiana, northeast of Cutler. Photographed on April 27th, 1963. T
The interior of the bridge above.


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