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Handsome Productions Proudly Presents
the Newest Member of the Handsome
Stable of Artists:

Inner Ring Conspiracy was formed in the depths of the infamous Winter of 2010-11 by four seasoned veterans of the local, regional, and national music scene.  The band includes:

Bill Rouse: Guitar

Mark Bluhm: Bass

Tim Pursifull: Vocals

Paul Nickels: Drums

Inner Ring Conspiracy plays what can best be described as hard-edged, intelligent pop music. Each of the lads was steeped in the British Invasion, stoked by the punk thang, and is deeply in love with the pop hook. Songs run short - many are under three minutes, none exceed four. Hooks are prominent. The vocals are passionate and dynamic. And the songs, save the occasional cover, are original.

 So why don't we get down to it and give you a listen? Click on a song title below.
These are in mp3 format.


Pretty Stupid GIrl

Pure Heart

Little by Little

Literary Tradition

Tell Tale Heart

It Goes So Fast

Inner Ring Conspiracy happily accepts bookings. Send email to for more information.

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