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Clifton Beat

About The Clifton Beat

The Clifton Beat is a rock & power-pop band comprised of four veteran music-makers from Lakewood, Ohio -- Mark Bluhm (Jessup, Tumbling Dice, Inner Ring Conspiracy), Paul Nickels (The Backdoor Men, Napoleon in Rags, Inner Ring Conspiracy) Bill Rouse (Dead Celebrities, Inner Ring Conspiracy), and David Lowery, who is in his very first band.  Influences are as broad as rock & roll itself, and revolve around tight arrangements, edgy guitars, and well-conceived harmonies.  WIth three (or, perhaps, two and a half) writers, The Clifton Beat's set, comprised by a large majority of original songs, really covers the waterfront of power pop.

The Clifton Beat began life as Inner Ring Conspiracy back in 2011, which released an original album, "Gray Day in Cleveland," in 2012. When original singer Tim Pursifull departed a couple years later, the band felt the need to re-brand itself, as Tim was such a strong part of the identity of IRC. Thus, we became The Clifton Beat, with 80's Cleveland popster Jim Butterfield joining on guitar and vocals and bringing some additional great originals to the band. Work commitments - yes, real life intrudes - forced Jim to leave after just two years, and the door opened for Dave Lowery to join as an additional vocalist/guitarist, completng the band's current lineup.


The band released its first offering on CD, "Pushing Back the End of Time," in November 2015, and plays great live sets at venues across Greater Cleveland. Contact The Clifton Beat at cliftonbeat@handsomeproductions.com.

Here's What the Cleveland Scene said about a recent Clifton Beat Gig:

The Clifton Beat Plays Debut Show at Winchester Music Hall

Posted by on Mon, May 5, 2014 at 1:06 PM

Over the weekend, The Clifton Beat performed their debut show at Winchester Music Hall in Lakewood. The band features musicians from a number of other local acts, notably including the bulk of Inner Ring Conspiracy.

The Clifton Beat craft a really enjoyable sound. Their songwriting is a nice throwback to simpler iterations of rock 'n' roll, at times inching toward the world of power pop. The veins of both The Beatles and The Replacements are tapped with all due energy.

Each musician lends their voice to the music at various times and they each bring a distinctly different approach. The addition of Butterfield to the other three's chemistry seemed to work wonders; he brought a certain edge to the songs he took lead vocals on.

Twin highlights were "The Garden" and "Gray Day in Cleveland," which figured prominently among Inner Ring Conspiracy setlists. Later in the set, they rolled out a fine take on "Dead Flowers."

They'll play again July 24 at the Lunchtime Summer Concert Series at the Galleria at Erieview downtown.

Dan Miraldi and Sarah Luffred opened the show at the Winchester with characteristic zeal and laid the table for a fine set of rock from the aforementioned Clifton Beat.



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